VIMS 75th Anniversary | Then, Now, and Next
Anniversary website celebrating the 75th year of the Virginia Institute of Marine Science.
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Come Join the Celebration!

Join Dean and Director John Wells in celebrating our 75th anniversary in 2015! Record a video of you and your friends wishing VIMS a “Happy Birthday” or describing what VIMS has meant to you and submit it here!

Wish VIMS a Happy Birthday

VIMS 75th Anniversary Resolution

U.S. Senators Mark Warner and Tim Kaine and U.S. Representative Rob Wittman introduced a resolution congratulating the College of William & Mary on the 75th anniversary of the Virginia Institute of Marine Science’s (VIMS).

Anniversary Timeline

Travel through time to explore our challenges and successes

VIMS Through Our Eyes

What makes VIMS unique?

VIMS Impact

Time Capsule

Charting VIMS’ 75th Anniversary

View selected charts and maps to learn more about the scope and impacts of research, education, and advisory service activities at VIMS.

Faculty, staff, and students at VIMS have a long history of publishing their research in leading academic journals.

VIMS researchers collaborate with colleagues at marine science institutions across the globe.

Eelgrass Restoration in South Bay

Farmed Oysters Sold in Virginia.

Spawning-Age Female Blue Crabs in Chesapeake Bay.

Underwater Grasses in Chesapeake Bay.

Research Topics by Decade

Discover how the focus of VIMS research has shifted and expanded over the years. Each “Wordle” is based on the title of VIMS’ research articles in 10-year increments from 1940 to present. The size of a word reflects its frequency.

VIMS By The Numbers


Research vessels in VIMS fleet


``Clean Marinas`` in Virginia


Specimens in VIMS' Fish Collection


Billion oyster eggs spawned by ABC since 1998


Million fish and invertebrates processed by Juvenile Trawl Survey between 1955-2013




Recipients of joint degree from VIMS and W&M's Thomas Jefferson Program in Public Policy since 1997.


VIMS graduate students selected for Knauss Marine Policy Fellowships

75 Years in Print

Breakthroughs in Bay Science

Explore groundbreaking reports by VIMS researchers.

Historical Snapshots

Examine documents created to mark auspicious events in VIMS history.

Annual Reports

Celebrate recent accomplishments by VIMS faculty, staff, and students.

A Vision of VIMS

VIMS Founder Donald W. Davis envisions the institution that would become VIMS.


Moments in Time

Directors Through the Years

VIMS 75th Anniversary


In Words and Pictures

“VIMS has a rich history, a compelling vision, and a bright future. This booklet, prepared to mark our 75th anniversary, chronicles our evolution from humble beginnings to one of the most respected marine science centers in the U.S.” -VIMS Dean & Director John Wells